This start-up makes everyone an Influencer

Every third Millennial & Gen-Z would like to be an Influencer. Three young founders from Hamburg are now making this dream come true. They are democratising the influencer market with their app, turning their peers into brand ambassadors.

"Nowadays, everyone is an influencer. You don't need 2 million followers to be an influencer. Everyone has impact and influences those around them." - Wunni (Co-Founder & CEO @ yamuntu)

Among others, well-known founders like Rolf Schrömgens (trivago), Philipp Frenkel (Misterspex), Robert Kabs ( or Yang Zou (Ex Global CEO of Spring Studios) believe in the project and recently invested a 7-digit amount. You can find a list of our most exciting investors here.

Traction: At the age of 19, the first founder Woundioun Sissoko started working full time on the app in March 2019. At that time, the startup capital was provided by Next Commerce Accelerator and the first business angel. One year later, in 2020, there were already 3 co-founders together with Oliver Krause and Martin Westphal. In March 2021, the team consists of 15 people with 7 different nationalities. From a 17 year old developer from Norway to a senior designer from Italy.

The Principle

The user earns money with their Instagram Story. Simply download the app, shop at one of the partner stores for the new favorite product and as soon as the product arrives, post a Story/ Tiktok about it via the app. In the story, a small sticker refers to the partner and the sponsorship from which the purchase was made. Within 48 hours, you will receive your cashback via Paypal. The user can earn up to 30€ with just 2 two minutes of effort- and that on all products in the shop! Now everyone can be sponsored by brands. In return the partner receives authentic content and uses the organic reach of his customers.

What do we do differently?

We make the game authentic again. Our community is not motivated by vast sums of money to make product recommendations to strangers, as is the case with conventional influencers. The community buys the product itself and then gives its real feedback and shows what it stands for. The discount doesn't matter. Especially when users make recommendations to their closest circle of friends, they must first and foremost be convinced themselves.

Our ambition

As a social commerce platform, we want to become the shopping standard for our generation. Millennials and Gen-Z should experience the most exciting shopping experience with yamuntu and find a place to inspire themselves and those around them. We want to help everyone to realise their impact and motivate them to live it. We are convinced that everyone should be able to show what they stand for. It doesn't matter how many followers you have.

Who's behind it?

Woundioun Sissoko: 22 years old and came to Germany from Mali when he was 5 years old. At the age of 14 he built his first niche websites and worked for different companies as an online marketer (PrimaFonds, SeQon Finanz, Deutsches Maritime Zentrum, Freshbird Ventures) until he graduated from high school in 2018 before founding yamuntu at the age of 19. Currently Co-Founder & CEO @ yamuntu.

Detailed founder profile -> Wunni founder profile

Martin Westphal: 31 years old, leader, curator & co-founder of various tech events. Until the beginning of 2020 he was tech evangelist at the Unicorn ABOUT YOU, before he left his prestigious job at a company with over a thousand 1000 employees at that time to build a startup with two 20 year olds. Currently Co-Founder & CTO @ yamuntu.

Detailed founder profile -> Marten founder profile

Oliver Krause: The youngest of the bunch at 21 years old who has been developing apps since he was 14. During his a levels he decided to drop out to move from a small town to Hamburg and realise his dream of founding something of his own.

Currently Co-Founder & CPO @ yamuntu.

Detailed founder profile -> Olli founder profile